Monday, February 10, 2014


In the last month….

Our church ward (what we call our congregation) split (we are arranged geographically and we had grown too big, it was a bittersweet change!) and many of our wonderful friends went to a different ward.  It meant lots of changes and it has been very emotional for all of us!  So many friends I will be even more thankful to see at book club and movie nights, but so many I will have to work harder to see!

With this change came a lot of leadership change.  I am now the Primary President (leader of our children's organization).  I have been working closely with our previous president, but it's a whole new ball game.  She warned me that it would be like a switch I couldn't turn off-my brain would ALWAYS be thinking about Primary-and she was totally right!

My sweet hubby is no longer the leader over our area's missionaries. He is now a finance clerk for our stake (a larger geographic area-made up of our ward and other wards).  He is in his element and thrilled, but we now have all new meetings and responsibilities we are both trying to get comfortable with.

My big girl turned eight!! She's EIGHT years old and I can't believe it!!  This is a big and exciting time for her!  More on that to come…soon… i promise… i hope! :)

I've been struggling to stay balanced with everything going on.  I'm not surprised but I'm nonetheless frustrated.

Our new meetings are exactly during my weight loss class.  :(  I'm struggling to make it to class, which means I'm losing my support group and nutritionist help, and I'm trying not to relapse too much and spiral.  It's funny how when things get busy and stressful, taking care of yourself is the first to go.  Throw in some stomach flu and bad colds for the girls, and my exercising has gone down and snacking has gone up.  grrr

Tomorrow is a new day.  I can do this!  We can do this!

Friday, January 10, 2014


I read my book club book all afternoon instead of cleaning. 
I learned how to make lovely bread this morning. 

I was scared that I didn't love my husband as much as he loved me when we got married. 
I learned over these ten years that equally yoked didn't mean what I thought it did. He is my someone. 
I believe I can be friends with people even if we believe different things and like different things. 
I watch too much TV. 
I am a recovering Friends junkie. 
I love the endorphins from exercising and running. 
It is like taking my vitamins though and I do not love working out. 
I struggle with reading my scriptures everyday. 
I rarely take off my makeup before I go to bed. 
I read fluffy vampire novels. 
I also love Jane Eyre and Emma. 
I immunize my kids. 
I don't understand not doing it. 
I am ok with letting my dishes sit in the sink overnight. 
I love the smell of clean laundry. 
I don't understand scent free detergent. 
I failed lots of classes in high school because I gave up rather than ask for help. 
I was called a flake by my English teacher. 
I worked my tail off in college to prove I wasn't. 
I grew up with a brother with Autism. 
It shaped who I am, and it pointed me towards my career. 
I am totally ok with a little Netflix babysitting after a long and busy week. 
I use Splenda and I drink sugar free soda. 
I am amazed by my girls. 
I am also a little scared of them. 
I have a fabric buying problem. 
I envy people that can wear boots. 
I hobby jump. 
I used to crochet, scrapbook, stamp, and bead. 
I still like doing them. I just don't all the time. 
I thought I was done having long hair. 
I'm not. 
I had a cheeseburger last night after a three pound weight loss at my weigh in. Go figure. 

I'm not perfect. But I'm me. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


For some reason, I freak out when people tell me I'm an inspiration.  It scares me.  Like, oh crap, I've inspired them.  Now it will be even worse when I screw up!  Because yes, I've screwed up.  I am so far from perfect at this thing!  I enjoyed waaaaaay too many bacon wrapped water chestnuts dipped in brown sugar and chili sauce and broiled to perfection (rumaki-yum!!) on New Year's Eve!  And didn't think a thing of it!  And so I get nervous when that's the compliment I get.

I honestly, truly was a demon and stuck to that meal plan for the first six weeks and didn't have any extra foods aside from a pickle a day to keep my sanity.  I know that took major willpower.  However, I had major inspiration.

I am inspired by my Dad.  He has completed the meal plan many times and always looks great.  Even when he's grumbling that it's time to get back on the meal plan.  I'm inspired by his exercise.  His knees and back have prevented him from running and now even walking on the treadmill.  So he got a recumbent stationary bike and that's what he does now.  I soooo would have used that as my escape route-that I couldn't walk so therefore it just wasn't meant to be.  But he has found a way.  He told me that he's learned that exercise is like taking his daily meds.  It's not even something he's totally comfortable skipping on Sunday (wonder if that's changed because he's Bishop now, hmmm) because it's necessary every day to be healthy.  That has made a strong impact on me.  I have learned to think of exercise in the same way.  I don't love it.  But I know it's part of every day work to be healthy.

I am inspired by my coworker, Tricia.  Scroll down a few to the weird holiday party pics.  She's the lovely blonde on the far right in the picture I am in.  Tricia and I were in very similar places last year.  She was fed up and she told her kids that she wouldn't take them back to Universal Studios until she could ride all the rides comfortably.  So she set a goal and she changed the whole way she ate and started running.  And she met her goal by May and took her boys on a trip to celebrate!  I was so inspired as I began my journey, knowing that if she could do it, so could I!!! She will never know how much watching her really helped me stay strong in the very beginning as I was watching her work so hard!!!! She has now run a whole half marathon, and that continues to inspire me!

I am inspired by my little family at home.   I can't deny that I love it when they notice something that I'm doing that's positive.  In the beginning, it was like a burden.  Oh yeah, we can't go to Larry's Pizza anymore because of Mom's health plan.  Like they were being punished.  And when I insisted that we no longer get fries, but always get the fruit side option in kids meals.  Big, bad mom. And don't get me started on Chef Boyardee.  It saved my life in the beginning (no judging! CB and canned food was waaaaay better than what we were eating on a consistent basis before!) and they really loved it, at first.  But after twelve weeks of  canned food so that I didn't have to be tempted by cooking food, they were done with that!!  But that has slowly changed and I'm very thankful for that.  I'm inspired by that.  Now, there are comments such as, we should eat this because it's a healthy choice, right Mom?  Or randomly, I can't believe how much weight you've lost, Mom.  Megan will frequently tell me how proud she is of me.  They also join in on my workouts on a frequent basis.  It is usually quite hysterical to watch their "version", but Lu loves to lift weights and Meg is a master yoga kid! They inspire me!

I'm touched and honored by the people who have told me that I've inspired them.  There were so many people along the way who helped inspire me and keep me going.  There are friends of mine, on Facebook or elsewhere, who I've discovered are on the same journey as I've done this, and I continue to be inspired by them.  I have the absolute best cheerleading squad, here at home, in town, in my health class, at church, on Facebook and Instagram and the blogosphere, that anyone could ever ask for! They continue to inspire me because they believe in me!! I just hope I don't let them all down.  :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

After Christmas

The week after Christmas was filled with ups and downs. We had a very quiet anniversary at home because meg was the first to get the stomach virus.
The next night, I went to an event with my coworkers. I got a new dress (in a size down!) and was all excited for my formal event.

Me, Jennifer and Tricia (the speechies)
Aleisha and her husband
Amy, Kevin and my boss Laura. This was a very strange night that ended with us all commiserating its strangeness at a Mexican restaurant! Thankful for these good coworkers!
New Years resulted in William falling victim to the illness and the next day, Lucy. Soooo meg and I escaped to the Rep theater to watch the final week of the  world premiere of "Because of Winn Dixie the musical". It was absolutely delightful!! My mom couldn't come so we had a friend of Meg's join us. They had a blast, giggling and chatting the whole way there! They were thoroughly enthralled by the show and enjoyed every minute!
Just a little excited!!

School goes back tomorrow and we are all ready! 

Merry Christmas 2013!

We had a wonderful, busy Christmas! 

On christmas eve, we made cookies for Santa with the boys and Eden!

I love this woman!
Right about this time, Eden puked all over Maria Mae. :( we didn't think much of it, just that she'd had too much junk food, but it was the beginning of every single one of us getting sick over the break, ending with me last night! :( ugh.
The kiddos made personal pizzas for their Christmas Eve dinner. Lucy wanted a heart pizza ;)
After dinner, we had a fun nativity program with the family, complete with meg and Lu dancing to music. Wish I had a video of it!
Then the kiddos opened their Jammie's and tucked in for a movie while the adults ate a fabulous dinner if crab and shrimp and artichokes!
Christmas morning, the girls were up at six thirty. Not too shabby!
Santa brought new bikes!!

The girls got many wonderful treasures!
We had the missionaries and our friends, the Gardiners, over for a yummy pork roast dinner.
Christmas with our sweet missionaries! We love these guys!
We definitely tired out the girls with all the excitement! :)
We got home and they wrapped up in new hooded blankets from grandma jan and grandpa bill. They love them and sleep with them every night!
It was a lovely Christmas! We missed family far away and had a lovely time with family and friends near! 

Winter parties!

The Thursday before break, meg and Lu had a marathon day for me! I started out at Meg's second grade musical, Flakes. It was very cute and fun!
Next I headed to Lu's class party!
This is her BFF, Jordan! They have a blast together!
This is another of her bff's, Amari. Lucy has been such a good friend to all of the kids in her class!!
They played a hot potato game and Lucy won!
So they tackled her! It is so fun to see how much they love her!
Next I headed over to Meg's class party for cookie decorating, photo booth and card making!
You can't say she lacks personality!
She loves her teacher!!!
And this is one of her bff's, Ava.
After school, we took our sweet sisters out to say farewell to sister Kelley, who is home getting over mono.
It was a long great day and I was ready for winter break! 

Lu's dance recital!

In the middle of December, Lucy had her second dance recital!
We were holding our breath after her first recital and how scared she got, but she did beautifully!! 

She loved the song and costume and was so excited for her performance!!
We curled her pretty hair for the show. I took a picture because her hair doesn't hold curl well but I must have sprayed it enough this time because it stayed curly all through rehearsal and the show!
My sweet darling confident ballerina girl!
The baby ballerinas went first. So cute and quite entertaining to see who actually dances!!
My girl on the left front! Her video can be viewed here:
Then her teacher and a friend danced for us. This was one of the highlights, watching our girls on the sidelines watch ms. Kristin (on the right) dance for them. They were in awe!!
My niece hazels group. H is back left. Such a fun dance group!

Flowers from daddy after a delightful show!
I can't tell you how many people are amazed at how Lu has come out if her shell this year. This class with ms. Kristin is certainly a big part of that and I'm so thankful for it!!